Planning Links

Here are some links that we have found useful when planning our tours:

CamperContact – Dutch website with English language option. 17,500 locations across Europe.

Search for Sites – UK website that covers Europe as well. Very easy to use.

Furgovw – Spanish language website with easy to use map covering stopovers across Europe.  We use Google Translate to convert the content to English.

European Motorhoming Country Guides – Very useful guide on the Vicarious Books website.

Vicarious Books – The source of all of our European motorhome guide books.

Camper Stop Europe – The main motorhome stopover book that we use across the whole of Europe.  If you are only going to buy one book, buy this one.

Brit Stops – A great book that is bringing the European motorhome experience to the UK.  Something that we strongly support.

EuroTunnel with Tesco Clubcard – How we used to cross the English Channel.

EuroTunnel Frequent Traveller – How we now cross the English Channel.

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass – If you want to take your motorhome to Disneyland Paris, then a Dream Annual Pass will allow you to stay in a section of the massive carpark overnight for free.  We have stayed there numerous times and did a whole week there one New Year.

European Vets for Pet Passports – We often take our dogs and this link should help you find a vet to administer the worming tablet. We always take our own tablets and try to find a vet well away from the ports because they are usually cheaper or even free.

Other Blogs – Blogs from others doing similar motorhome tours are an excellent resource for planning.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to see some of the Blogs that we follow.

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