Arc-en-Barrois to Lac d’Orient, France

Friday 7th August 2020

The morning BBC news roundup told us of a heatwave in England, well we’ve got it too and were all feeling it.

With very high temperatures forecast again it was a leisurely get up and do everything to keep cool.

Our planned destination for tonight’s stop was a campsite called Lac D’Orient. Another day, another lake. We couldn’t check in there until 1pm so we chilled in the shade of our current site and made lunch to eat on route.

We arrived at the campsite just before 1pm and Neil joined the queue, not long and we were in and allocated a very large lovely pitch with full services.

Me and Lucy took a walk to the beach while Neil stayed in the shade with the dogs and then Neil and Lucy braved the no swimming shorts swimming pool (they just meant no baggy shorts) they enjoyed cooling down for the afternoon in the water. The pool flume was a hit.

We took a walk and had a drink at a beach restaurant and were disappointed they had no availability for a meal so we returned to the campsite restaurant and decided to eat there. I made a massive mistake of ordering the funniest looking thing in the menu, the waitress told me the Andouilette de Troyes 5A was a German sausage, she lied! It was a tripe sausage and the overwhelming smell hit me as soon as it was put down. I was physically sick, who eats dog food. Lucy kindly shared her pizza with me.

After dinner we found a lively beach bar with a large screen TV showing football and a DJ playing music, it was a great way to end the evening and help forget my disastrous dinner.

Overnight Location: Lac d’Orient, France

Overnight Coordinates: 48.26203°N 4.34826°E

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