Schwarzach to Bühl, Germany

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Today we headed towards the French border but wanted to stay in Germany for one more night, we found a campsite minutes from the border with another lovely looking lake.

The journey wasn’t far in mileage but today we found traffic! A roadwork stretch caused us delays and made the cab very hot, luckily the aircon kept the main van cooler so Lucy and the dogs were alright just driver and copilot cooking up front.

The campsite in Bühl had a great arrivals lane and friendly reception. Very organised and civilised within minutes we’d been assigned a pitch and provided a map to take us straight to it.

The campsite had everything you could need, a supermarket, a restaurant, showers, laundry the list went on. Most important now the temperature had gone up again was a swimming lake. With the kayak blown up we were in and even I had a swim (I hate swimming)

We enjoyed a fabulous meal in the restaurant at the lakeside, Lucy literally had half a cow served to her and separate massive plate of chips she would not need feeding again this trip!

We took a stroll to the local village to walk off our meals and found everything was closed but the dogs got a nice trot out before bed.

Overnight Location: Bühl, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 48.72714°N 8.08525°E

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