Rottweil to Bad Schönborn, Germany via Pforzheim Wildlife Park

Monday 3rd August 2020

We left Rottweil with a plan to go to a wildlife park. CamperContact had it listed as a possible overnight location and mentioned a beer garden so we thought we’d give it a try.

The drive to Pforzheim was not too far and as we could only get afternoon tickets we decided to stop into a supermarket on route, we are now very low on fresh food and bored of cereal bars and cheese crackers.

We headed for a Lidl we’d previously seen with a large carpark but as we approached it was carnage so we drove by, it would be cheese crackers for lunch again unless the park had a cafe.

The Pforzheim wildlife park carpark was alright but very tight, parked up on an angle in the far corner we agreed it would not be suitable for a night stop.

Parking at the park was €3 at a machine and we managed to navigate the German website to pre-book our time slot. They were taking reservations to restrict numbers due to Covid. As we entered the park and showed our reservation code I kept waiting for them to ask me to pay but they never did, turns out it’s free. An absolute amazing place and free!

The park had mostly deer and antelope type animals which were all very friendly. Pots of food were available for €2 that made the experience very entertaining. Initially slightly afraid by the end Lucy was even feeding massive bison and tipping pots of food into a very hungry cow’s mouth.

From the wildlife park we travel a short distance to Bad Schönborn a little spa town with a large wohmobile aire. Our early evening entertainment was a very large group of ladies all dressed in pink doing an aerobics class to very loud music in the next door sports hall field, we think perhaps due to Covid the ladie’s class had been moved to the field, it was entertaining if not exhausting to watch.

Another evening thunderstorm caught us out, this time totally soaking us on a walk round the town, we had to laugh and luckily it wasn’t cold.

Daytime Location: Pforzheim Wildlife Park,Germany

Daytime Coordinates: 48.87513°N 8.71857°E

Overnight Location: Bad Schönborn, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 49.21843°N 8.67171°E

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