Bad Schönborn to Schwarzach, Germany

Tuesday 4th August 2020

For no sure reason we had a terrible nights sleep in Bad Schönborn. Digby was very restless and Dug kept licking his paw. Between us we were awake most the night. Very tired we reluctantly got up and completed services to fill and empty the van before hitting the road.

Using CamperContact Neil found another Wildlife park nearby in Schwarzach and reviews also mentioned a camping area, after an enjoyable time at yesterday’s park it sounded great.

Before leaving the UK Neil made a booking at a vets for Thursday to get the dogs passports stamped, that booking is now off piste and would involve a 200 mile round trip so with it as a back up we began looking for a closer alternative.

Google maps managed a great fail with the first vets turning out to be a pet shop, the lady was very helpful though and tried to phone a nearby vets for us but they were closed. While parked up me and Lucy popped into the supermarket and stocked our cupboards with essentials so it was not a wasted journey.

We noticed another vet in walking distance from tonight’s aire so before it heated up too much we headed to site.

We arrived in Schwarzach following easy signs to the wildlife park and the campsite looked very inviting lawn marked out pitches all in a lovely beer garden. The very friendly English speaking owner welcomed us and gave a run through of things to do.

After a quick lunch we walked with dogs to the park, we had to pay today but only €12 for a family ticket was still good. Due to restrictions we were not allowed to feed the animals at this wildlife park but we still had a great time. We saw more deers and antelopes but this park also had camels and zebras definitely worth the visit.

During the afternoon we went to the local vet which was only a few minutes walk, we could tell straight away from the shutters we were not in luck. A letter on the door said wild boar samples could be left in the basket but they were closed until Thursday. We went back to site to google more.

Neil made several more phone calls, some more successful than others and eventually found a Chinese vet who was happy to see us. Google maps said it was only a 35 minute walk so not wanting to lose our good camping spot we left the van and set about the walk. It was actually a fun walk with plenty to see.

With the vet trip successful and the dogs passports stamped we decided to go cross country across fields to get back to site. Digby tried to make friends with a cow that very loudly made its-self clear that it wanted us out of his field.

Back at the site the beer garden was getting busy, we grabbed a good table and were in for the night. The food was lovely, I took advise from the owner and went for the daily special, I have no idea what it was but it was delicious.

Overnight Location: Schwarzach, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 49.36762°N 8.98714°E

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