Freiburg to Rottweil, Germany (via Schluchsee)

Sunday 2nd August 2020

I woke up with a rough head in Freiburg, it was going to be a long day! Luckily for me it was cooler weather so at least I didn’t have to suffer my hangover sweating as well.

A quick breakfast and use of the motorhome service point then saw us on the road. We decided as the weather wasn’t great to try a normally very busy lakeside stellplatz at Schluchsee. We’d previously pulled in a few years before when the nearby swimming pool was heaving and had to leave disappointed. This year we pulled in no problem and found a space with electric and a view.

The local very popular swimming pool was closed, we’re not sure if it was because of Covid or the weather but it was good for us as we got a space. We looked round the very pretty village and lake and even managed to buy some souvenirs, we were again trying to get change as the electricity required €1 which we still had none. The shop was fun trying to purchase items to ensure €1 coins in the change.

Another downpour, again with thunder, saw us back in the van. Sat around we decided we were just wasting time so we all agreed to head off to find somewhere new to explore.

Not too far from us was a town called Rottweil, it sounded fun and the stellplatz had alright reviews. It was still raining when we got to Rottweil but the aire was good and after slight confusion with the payment we were in and hooked up.

Due to the rain, which causes dogs to smell, we decided to leave the dogs in the van for our evening stroll, we quickly trotted them out for a run and then took the short walk into the town leaving the dogs to listen to German radio.

We found another pretty German town with traditional buildings and lots of art. Rottweil also has Rottweilers everywhere, be it statues, art or clothing they were everywhere- didn’t see a real one tho!

We enjoyed a nice meal and then tried to have a night cap in an Irish pub in the way back. Entering the Irish pub people turned to stare and once we sat down we realised it smelt bad of smoke. We then started spotting everyone was smoking, the waiter came over and asked how old Lucy was we were them promptly told to leave as we’d entered a smoking club, it definitely did not say that on the door. We called it a night after that.

Daytime Location: Schluchsee, Germany

Daytime Coordinates: 47.81576°N 8.18097°E

Overnight Location: Rottweil, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 48.15522°N 8.62892°E

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