Lake Titisee to Freiburg, Germany

Saturday 1st August 2020

Three days around Lake Titisee was pleasant but it was time to move on. We were unable to use the services before leaving as surprisingly lots of other campers were leaving so we set off needing to empty waste water and fill up. Our planned destination was Freiburg, a nice stellplatz in the town that we had visited before so know the ropes.

The site was quite full in Freiburg and we managed to get one of the last large pitches with electric, we could not risk going to service as we might have lost our space so it would now be day 4 of no water and waste. Luckily with showers and washing up a-shore in Titisee we hadn’t used much.

Just to be different the Freiburg aire required €1 coins for the electric and we didn’t have many, we cooled the van down with what we had then set off to town hoping to get change.

A nice walk through a park was good for the dogs and lead us straight to the main town which was full of great sights.

We eventually ended up in an Irish pub, it was the first time we’d been around English speaking people for over a week. We soon realised it was FA cup day so we noted the big TV and agreed to come back later.

A little more wandering and sightseeing saw us end up in a cocktail happy hour at a Mexican, we really went in for the air conditioning as it was very hot but enjoyed the cocktails and nachos.

We enjoyed the football back in the Irish pub where by then they also had a happy hour. Saturday night was beginning to get merry.

We hadn’t quite made it back to our van when our weekly family quiz had begun at home. During lockdown members of our extended family would take turns at hosting a Skype quiz each Saturday and it has just continued.

Luckily we found a Cuban bar with good enough WiFi and joined the quiz, we don’t think too many people noticed but they might have!

Back at the van just before bed a massive thunderstorm hit, the lightening was amazing but the downpour nearly drowned Neil who had to let the dogs out before turning in for the night.

Overnight Location: Freiburg, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 47.99970°N 7.82571°E

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