Lake Constance to Lake Titisee, Germany

Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th & Friday 31st July 2020

Very unusual for us but with the temperature rising and the weekend forecasted for hot hot hot we decided to check in to a campsite for three whole days, literally sit still and relax.

We decided to go safe and return to a family favourite – Lake Titisee, out of the three campsites we chose the one closest to the lake and decided to get there early to ensure a space.

Up and on the road we made it to Titisee by 11am. Lots of other campers had the same idea as us and by 11am the queue was already quite long. Neil joined the queue for the first time of three. The campsite had a crazy system whereby you queue to ask to stay, get given a choice of pitches to go and look at, you then queue again to say which you like to be given a form to go away to fill in to the queue again, the whole time your motorhome is sat in direct sunlight getting hotter and hotter.

Finally on a lovely pitch on a terraced area over looking the lake we were plugged in and cooling down. We enjoyed lunch and then strolled round the lake to town to soak up atmosphere. Leaving Neil in the beer garden me and Lucy went on the big wheel, otherwise known as The Titisee eye. We didn’t realise at the time but lack of sun tan lotion meant we were slowly cooking, lesson learnt and cool showers required before bed. Being on campsite meant laundry, it’s the highlight of my holiday and the comedy of laundry errors I am known for continued. I somehow managed to jam a coin in the machine and had to send Lucy running to fetch Neil with pliers as the queue was turning nasty. Neil saved the day and washing was complete, we should now have enough undies to see us through!

We spent the morning of day two in Titisee on the lake, leaving the dogs in the cool van we hit the beach for swimming and kayaking.

Once it was cool enough we headed back to town to a go ape style climbing centre, unfortunately we hadn’t noticed the time and we arrived 10 minutes after last entry, we promised to go back in the morning. We mistakenly decided to walk the road way back to site, it was hot, wit no shade the walk backs felt far further. We were all in need of a drink when we got back to site.

Day three we borrowed the campsite car, this is an amazing service for people in Motorhome’s. You can borrow their little campsite cars for free for 90 minutes to go shopping, literally hand your driving license in and swap for the keys. We drove to the climbing centre where Lucy enjoyed a climb, she nodded her way through the German instructions and then was off like a little monkey while I stood below a nervous wreck. Neil rally raced the campsite car back to base and then walked back to meet us.

The afternoon was literally too hot for much activity we lounged around till it was cool enough and then Lucy and Neil took the kayak out and had a swim to cool down. After dinner we slowly started to pack away for a morning get away. We suddenly noticed Dug had disappeared, so unlike him he wandered off. Absolute panic followed as we left Lucy on pitch in case he returned and split up to look, everyone now knows our dog’s name. Neil headed to the beach and I went to the play park, with other campers joining in to help Dug suddenly charged down the main roadway. I shouted him and he ran to me bounding over with complete joy, he’d had a great time. He will now be confined to barracks on lead 100% checks for the rest of the trip.

Overnight Location: Lake Titisee (Sandbanks Campsite), Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 47.88710°N 8.13960°E

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