Lake Constance, Germany

Tuesday 28th July 2020

Today began our leisurely, no rush, head in the direction of home finding stopovers as we go. No plans for the next 12 nights.

Using a discount ticket we acquired in the beer garden (which meant the previous night’s steins were only €4 each) we figured out the pay at metre parking machine which only took cash and left site heading for a small town further up Lake Constance. Our journey was only 20 miles but took a while due to crazy little roads and traffic lights.

Tonight’s stopover was in a town called Meersburg. Three different parking areas all had spaces but due to how hot it was we opted for the aire with electrics. Plugged in and cooling down we went for a stroll to town.

We needed to find a bank as the hungry electric metres only take 50c and mostly paying on card everywhere we had not been getting change. Luckily for us we found a bank just as a massive thunderstorm hit. Digby was petrified of the thunder claps and the lightening was shocking. The bank only dispensed notes so we didn’t get any 50c but it was a handy place to hide from the rain.

We enjoyed a lovely walk around the town down to the lake. People watching was fun and we’d finally found tat shops for souvenirs.

We luckily found another refuge this time in an Italian restaurant as a second almighty thunderstorm hit. We watched the storm move slowly across the lake and then our table under a strong umbrella became crowded as people moved in to avoid the downpour.

After dinner we walked via a supermarket back to the van, masks were required so we dashed round but purchased some more good souvenirs including the mandatory silly alcoholic drinks.

After a brief rest in the van we popped to a restaurant at the entrance to our aire, it would have been rude not to! The desserts looked to good to resist so we ordered some waffles and watched the sun set in another nice beer garden.

Overnight Location: Meersburg, Germany

Overnight Coordinates: 47.70224°N 9.26990°E

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