Laufenburg, Germany to Davos, Switzerland

Sunday 26th July 2020

Unbelievably it’s Day 4 and we would get to our furthest point of this trip today and the one I was most looking forward to.

Davos was probably the only set in stone destination on this trip and our only Hard Rock Cafe to tick off my tally. Neil had done a search for a site in Davos but all he could find was a campsite that would require a bus into town. I did not fancy a bus trip with dogs so I chanced my luck looking for a stopover in town. It was my lucky day and I found a brand new site at a luxury hotel right in the centre only 8 minutes walk to HRC.

The parking was amazing and totally unbelievable. A nice parking area in a hotel complex with full use of their swimming pools, spa and bars. It also had water, waste electric etc.

From our van we could see a cable car disappearing up and over a mountain, this was suddenly top of Lucy’s list so off we went.

Getting to the top near the snow we all wished we’d packed coats but the views were amazing. As we were at the top of the highest town in Europe we thought we’d best have a beer and ice cream at the top before braving the car back down.

Back at the bottom it was warmer so we headed for a cocktail at the Hard Rock hotel which did not disappoint. As Hard Rock Cafes go it did not have a lot of memorabilia but had a lovely garden which allowed us to sit with dogs for our milkshakes and cocktails.

As the day flew by too quick we ended the evening in the hotel bar listening to their live music who was a cross between Barry Manilow and a church organist. His awful backing tracks were comical and then drowned out by the guest joining into a bad version of Cliff Richards Summer Holiday, we obviously joined in too.

Would 100% recommend SunStar hotel in Davos for camping.

Overnight Location: Davos, Switzerland

Overnight Coordinates: 46.79257°N 9.81805°E

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