Remich, Luxembourg to Laufenburg, Germany

Saturday 25th July 2020

We decided today to head for Switzerland to get to the furthest away point at the beginning of the trip and then slowly head back with relaxing short hops. A German Saturday night though in Germany was appealing so we planned a stopover just short of the Swiss border.

Today’s drive was good with only a few Digby escapes out of his harness and no notable events other than the air-conditioning clicking on and off making the van hot.

The first aire we tried in Waldshut was heaving, as we pulled up we could see other vans circling then leaving disappointed. We drove round the site causing dust to annoy the nearly naked bronzed speedo wearing German sunbathers who looked like they had been laid in the same position since early May then we left heading along the river staying the German side. Literally the other side of the river we were driving along was Switzerland.

A quick look on camper contact using a filter for sites with electric found a small aire on route that would be worth a try in the village of Laufenburg.

The aire was tiny, 6 parking spaces in a care home carpark but it was perfect. On the banks of the Rhine, with electric and all other necessities including dog walk and bars.

We had an enjoyable afternoon and evening and would definitely return.

Overnight Coordinates: 47.56526°N 8.06714°E

Overnight Location: Laufenburg, Germany

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