Home to Plate Taille Dam, Belgium

Thursday 23rd July 2020

The Corona Virus of 2020 had so far put a dampener on many things and caused cancellation of two trips already so with lockdown easing and having worked so hard through the last few months we were dam sure we were going to have a summer tour if allowed. Surely nothing could stop The OBE tour 2020, The ‘didn’t see it coming tour’.

With the tour approaching Betty, our middle daughter, got notified her that her proposed graduation ceremony had been rescheduled to be a virtual ceremony on the day of our departure. Bad timing but the show must go on, so we made sure the van was ready the day before and after a celebratory lunch as she got a First we headed to the tunnel.

This year tour members are low with just two adults, a 13 year old, a veteran touring golden retriever and a new canine member, 7month Old English Sheepdog pup on his first tour.

The tunnel was relatively normal except very quiet, far fewer vehicles for a normal July get away. With no hold ups we made it across and headed for Belgium.

Our first planned stop in Tournai just didn’t feel right, a few spread out travellers and oddly parked caravans with guard dogs did not have a welcoming feeling so we moved on.

We were also unlucky with our second possible stop over, it looked lovely along a canal and it obviously was a nice place as the aire was full. No room at the inn

On we went and finally stopped quite far into Belgium at a nature area by a dam. Very bright lights surrounded the parking with fences and signs, it was a bit like arriving in Vegas. It turned out that a big drive in, open air cinema was setting up, looked fun. We took a stroll round the lake before turning in for the night.

Overnight Location: Plate Taille Dam, Belgium

Overnight Coordinates: 50.19191°N 4.37939°E

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