Toulouse to Montmorillon via Oradour-sur-Glane

Thursday 31st October 2019

Halloween and heading north today. The weather has been gradually getting cooler and now wetter but the show must go on.

We visited Oradour-sur-Glane today, it was quite eerie going to a memorial village on Halloween but it was a coincidence. The memorial is very moving and respectful and even in the rain we spent our time walking round. The village has been left as a memorial to the entire village of people killed by German SS in WW2. Definitely worth a visit.

We had planned to stay overnight in Oradour but the new village looked quite derelict and closed so we moved on.

A quick search looking for a site near anything that might be open I found Montmorillon, a town with a good rated aire and on route.

We pulled into the aire to find other Brits, the first we’d seen in a while. Then whilst having dinner a few more British vans pulled in and these very friendly campers knocked our door. Neil was sent out to make chitchat, he wasn’t out for long before come back in saying how utterly weird they were. We hid.

A stroll round the little town found some very interesting buildings and a pretty gothic looking bridge. We could hear music playing somewhere and luckily found it in a bar with the barman playing his guitar whilst serving people. The pub dogs were very entertaining so we spent a while there.

Overnight Location: Montmorillon Aire, France

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