Andorra to Toulouse, France

Wednesday 30th October 2019

Wednesday morning was all about the shopping, taking me and Amy tax free shopping was like taking kids toy shopping.

We found the biggest problem wasn’t deciding which 3litre bottles of spirits to buy but how would we carry them all. Neil opted to get a 4.5litre bottle of whiskey with his allowance and then got me to do the talking as we crossed the border. The French customs policeman asked me if I had any cigarettes or alcohol, I was very honest and told him I don’t smoke and hadn’t had anything to drink today, he waved us through.

After lunch with nothing to lose and a day ahead of schedule we went totally off plan and headed to Toulouse. Most towns and villages in France had been closed or as they put it ‘finished’ so we decided to head to a big city that would definitely be open.

Our basic campsite in Toulouse was at a space museum on the outskirts of the town. We didn’t all fancy the museum so a majority vote was to go to town. Although it was cooler than it had been in Spain it was still too hot to leave Dug in the van so he’d have to come to Toulouse that meant Uber was out so we set off walking.

Our route was interesting and hilly, after 30 minutes we found a bus stop and all agreed we’d try the bus for a rest. This wasn’t to be as after we patiently waited the bus driver refused to let Dug ride, back to walking.

We made it to Toulouse and enjoyed some sightseeing, we ticked off the trip advisor’s top three sights in a few minutes and then found a huge market- more shopping.

Our route back to the van turned into a happy hour pub crawl as every bar on route seemed to be happy hour. We were ready for dinner by the time we got back and Amy’s phone thought she’d been kidnapped as it had never counted so many steps.

Overnight Location: Toulouse Space Museum

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