Pinedar De Mar, Spain to Andorra

Tuesday 29th October 2019

Onto Andorra today and it was certainly onwards and upwards. Up the mountain we went.

Fantastic views and popping ears was the drive today. We enjoyed a lovely lunch break in a view point half way up the mountain and then slowly navigated our way into Andorra’s capital.

We parked up in quite an expensive aire right in the middle of the town but near the new Hard Rock Cafe we decided it would be worth it. The new cafe was easy enough to find right in the heart of the action, after the mandatory photos outside in we headed for a cocktail. 🍹 Disappointment followed when they told us they’d sold out of our Hurricane keeper glasses. We left!

We strolled round the posh designer shops for a while in the sunshine but then decided we might as well move on to the other side of Andorra where we knew the shops were cheaper. The camping would also be half the price and the site was in a quieter area so we’d get more sleep.

Andorra was very quiet after dark, as the day trippers left the shops and bars began to close. After dinner we managed to find one bar open so in we went, we enjoyed the football and the barman even put some English music on for us.

Tomorrow would be a shopping day.

Overnight Location: Andorra

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