Lloret De Mar to Pinedar De Mar, Spain

Monday 28th October 2019

After 15 hours in bed I managed to wake up with the predictable hangover, Lloret De Mar nearly broke me but I had survived.

Making use of the campsite facilities we all showered and serviced then talked about whether to stay or go. Worried I’d probably embarrassed myself when tipsy I voted to move on and nursing injuries from falling over I’d be taking it steady today.

We had all enjoyed the seaside location and lively bars so set off looking for another. A nice beach aire with a train into Barcelona was first on our list to try but again Gypsies spoilt it. This time real Irish travellers with amazing brand new Range Rovers had taken over the site so we moved on.

The next campsite we tried saw us drive through the centre of Barcelona itself, this was slightly stressful for Neil but we saw plenty of interesting things. The site turned out to be right at the end of Barcelona’s airport on a very empty beach. With a no camping sign at the entrance and only one other vehicle there we moved on. We would never have been able to sleep through the noise of planes and the smell of aviation fuel wasn’t great.

Next try was a site near a historic monument, we had no idea what it was but it was busy. The site also advertised a €3 train ride to Barcelona. The approach was good and the site looked fine but our hopes were dashed when all the motorhome spaces were full. We moved on again.

Last on the lists of possibilities to visit Barcelona was a site listed in Campercontact referred to as a transit carpark. We didn’t hold out much hope and we were right. In a dive of a location we did not feel safe so having all been to Barcelona before we bailed out and decided to find another destination.

Now hot and really wanting to stop we headed to a stopover Neil had previously researched in Pineda De Mar. Reviews were good and the site was close to the beach and centre of town.

A lovely man greeted us on arrival and opened the gate, we all thought he worked there but it turned out he was another camper, thankfully I didn’t try to pay him, it was close.

The official campsite man did then arrive, he said we could pick any pitch then go to reception where he had loads of helpful information. We learnt in Spain you should legally carry a bottle of water to pour on your dogs pee.

Pinedar De Mar was not a lively as Lloret De Mar but was pretty and cheaper. We enjoyed a meal in the main square and managed to find a few souvenir shops before heading back to the van to plan for tomorrow.

Overnight Location: Pinedar De Mar, Spain

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