Home to Pont-Sainte-Maxence, France

Thursday 24th October, 2019

A Friday school inset day before the half term was great news for us, with an extra day for our October tour we decided to plan a trip south. With Barcelona in mind and a visit to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Andorra we’d need to drive fast, hence the name of this tour- ‘The FAST Tour’.

Loading the van between rain showers was no fun but all packed up we were ready to go by 5pm and hit the road to Folkestone pleased to be hopefully heading away from the weather- onwards to sunny Spain. Well that’s what we hoped although the BBC news story that morning showed Catalonia suffering terrible floods, we’ll be keeping an eye on the news.

A slight delay on the tunnel saw us arrive in France quite late but onwards we went heading for a stopover near Paris.

We pulled into our free aire at 2am local time and parked up very easily. Being next to a police station helped with the safety feel of the site and the river made for a nice view.

Overnight Location: Pont-Saints-Maxence Aire, France

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