Vaduz, Liechtenstein to Worms, Germany

Thursday 8th August , 2019

Thankfully the rain had gone when we woke and it was going to be a hot day. Heading North West it was my turn to sit in the sun and bake, it made the 200 mile plus drive feel much longer.

On route to today’s stopover we needed a vet pit stop, Neil managed to find one in the town of Lindau but when we arrived a 3.1m low bridge was between us and the vet. We awkwardly perched the vans on pavements in a housing estate while the men trotted the dogs through the low bridge to see the vet. I was getting some real evil looks from a lady gardening as I was blocking her house so I closed the blinds to hide. Thankfully the vet did not take long.

Back on route we headed to the German town of Worms, obviously picked due to the name but the stopover also had good reviews and it was in the right direction.

At some point along the motorway we managed to loose the Butlers but we all eventually ended up at the same place.

Worms parking had electric which was required for air conditioning as it was very hot but it did not have water or drains which was quite odd for an aire. At only €5 we couldn’t complain.

We ventured out to explore and enjoyed an afternoon along the Rhine. We found a very interesting beach bar near our site with a late night disco, the people certainly know how to have fun and all joined in for line dancing.

Overnight Location: N 49.634650, E 8.375050

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