Kötschach, Austria to Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Wednesday 7th August, 2019

Never known before on an OBE (108 days in total so far) but today was a washout! What bad luck, we woke up to rain and drove all day in on/off rain.

Deciding it was better to try to drive through the rain to dryer area we ploughed on and finally stopped for the night in Liechtenstein, another country not on this year’s tour Tshirt! That’s now Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein missed off the tee.

Way back at the beginning of the trip I began counting tunnels, it seems a long time ago the Hindhead tunnel was number one as today my count hit 85 and still going.

We parked up for the night in Vaduz, Liechtenstein’s capital city, at their national football stadium. A very unimpressive stadium if I’m honest resembling a possible league 1 club stadium not quite Wembley.

Parking at the stadium was good with plenty of space, water and a drain and best free of charge. We parked up with several other vans of all nationalities including other Brits and then walked into town.

As capital cities go Vaduz is by far the quietest we have ever been to. Wandering round sightseeing we stumble on the Beach Volleyball World Cup in a random makeshift arena, it was really surreal.

We ordered some drinks in bar overlooking the volleyball and decided to only have one round as the beers were nearly £7 each and the cola that wasn’t even Coke was £6.60. When the bill arrived it was lucky there was a cash point in sight as we needed Swiss francs, we could have paid in Euros but with their awful exchange rate our drinks would have been even more.

A stroll back to the van saw us sit indoors for a change planning our next leg which needs to involve seeing the vet for dog passports.

Overnight Location: 47.14097°N 9.52092°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/63IKvH

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