Bled, Slovenia to Kötschach, Austria

Tuesday 6th August, 2019

From Bled we drove some beautiful mountain windy roads and found a stopover up a random Austrian mountain.

The stopover was an amazing hotel with stelplatz in the middle of nowhere. Geared up for cyclist and bikers it also had everything a Motorhomer could want.

We decided to enjoy the hospitality of the hotel restaurant and had an incredible meal opting for the very Austrian food.

To get to the toilets you walked through a hunting trophy room, the creepy dead stuffed animals stare at you as you walked by. The waiter proudly told me where each had been killed and by which member of his family. There were honestly animals I couldn’t even name.

After dinner Lucy and I discovered a zip wire in the garden, swinging into mountain views was awesome.

Overnight Location: 46.71543°N 12.96784°E

Live Tracker:

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