Graz, Austria to Bled, Slovenia

Sunday 4th, Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th August, 2019

From Graz we headed to Lake Bled in Slovenia. With another pre-purchased toll sticker to add to our windscreen we headed to the Julian Alps. This was not Lisa’s favourite part of the trip, in fact losing them several times we could tell Dasvid was being told to slow down. Snails pace up and down the pass for them. 🐌

We arrived at the breath taking lake in glorious sunshine, we briefly queued at reception and then promptly found our pitches. Booking in advance, which is necessary, we thought we’d been wise and booked premier pitches near the lakes edge but unfortunately they have renovated since we last visited and the premier pitches are now furthest away, tucked at the back quiet area of the site.

Although we had to walk further to the entrance each time our pitches were good. Huge in size with full plumbing n servicing. A badly parked car across the front of our pitch meant Neil had to do a nifty reversing manoeuvre to pitch us, good job he’s had plenty of practice as the Dutch owners had obviously gone out for the day.

Day 1 in Bled saw us get the noddy train round to the main town and check out the toboggan and ski lift. The dogs enjoyed a swim but we decided to save swimming for day 2.

Day 2 in Bled saw us try out paddle boarding. I still have no idea how people make it look so easy but Neil and Lucy both got the hang of it and if I’m honest Lucy was probably best out of all of us and wants to buy one. After fun at the lake and lunch we took hop on hop off bus, using free tickets provided by the campsite, to Bled Castle. The bus was fun up windy narrow roads and the steps up to the castle were steep. The view was worth it.

After the castle we went back to the toboggan where this time we braved the queue. I we all went up the ski lift again using free tickets provided by the campsite. I opted for the ski lift back down which was quite scary but Neil and Lucy braved the toboggan. I like to think I was doing a good deed as I got down first so was able to take photos.

Day 3 in Lake Bled- this is very unusual as we do not normally do three nights in one location but as Bled Camping only allow three night booking we had no choice.

After visiting their breadman for a lovely breakfast we hit the lake again. Today it was time to get our kayaks out, we nearly didn’t as the walk to the lake was quite far but as we’d dragged them all the way round we decided not to be lazy and all enjoyed a paddle. I normally hate swimming but the water was so nice I even tried out my newly purchased lilo.

Back at the vans after utilising our private bathroom which was worth the extra as it even had an odd ladder and rake, we thought about what to do next. With typical Shazell ants in our pants we voted to move on. Driving a few miles in the evening would mean less miles the following day and another site to explore.

We packed up and headed off towards Innsbruck looking for a stopover. Leaving Bled we were very pleased that they actually did only charge us for two nights, we did not expected that, we thought we’d just have to pay for the three especially as we’d stayed till 4pm. Looked like we’d be heading out to dinner at the next location with the money we save!

Overnight Location: 46.36134°N 14.07968°E

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