Jedovnice, Czech Republic to Bratislava, Slovakia

Thursday & Friday

1st & 2nd August 2019

From The Czech Republic we moved on heading to Slovakia. To use up our Czech krona we stopped for fuel before the boarder and then drove on to Bratislava in time for lunch.

We arrived at camping Zlate Piesky smack in the middle of the reception lunch break so we parked up and ate lunch in the queue ready for it to reopen at 1pm.

We decided to stay in Bratislava for two nights, one day to swim and enjoy the campsite and a second to visit the town and sightsee. Both days were fun, we’re not sure if we’re considering it lucky or unlucky but the weather has changed and it’s now feeling cooler at only 25°. With a bit of rain in the evening we had to roll the awning out to sit under cover while listened to the crickets that some people couldn’t hear.

Overnight Location: 48.18893°N 17.18794°E

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