Bratislava, Slovakia to Graz, Austria

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Our Saturday fun would involve leaving Slovakia and heading for a stopover in Austria.

We packed up from Bratislava and were ready to leave at our leisurely 10am departure time which has become the norm. We popped to fill our cupboards and fridges up using the local huge Tesco Extra- supplies were now required and used the Tesco petrol station before heading off to Graz.

Neil has spotted a lovely looking stelplatz near Graz on the edge of a huge swimming pool, it got Lucy’s vote and with 200 pitches advertised we weren’t worried about not fitting in.

Within minutes of arriving at the site Lucy was in her swimmers and heading to the pool. I had discovered the laundry room and enjoyed domestic chores, each to their own 🤣

The site had everything you could want and more. Whilst sitting out in the sun a kind lady came to tell Lisa about a wine tasting event later by reception. Dasvid and Lisa opted to stay for the wine tasting while we took a family vote to get the bus to Graz.

So the Shazell’s braved public transport again, this bus was wild. A very crowded bendy bus with far more passengers than seats arrived. Lucy somehow managed to grab a seat but me and Neil cling on for dear life like riding a roller coaster stood up, we did laugh.

Graz was a pretty city, we saw street dancers, many churches and historic buildings. The only disappointment was smoking is still allowed in buildings, it felt like going back in time to old UK social clubs. Going out in the evening meant we saved money as the few souvenir shops were closed, no useless tac purchases 👎🏼

The bus back was much quieter just like the site when we got in.

Overnight Location: 47.02447°N 15.39527°E

Live Tracker:

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