Altenburg, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic via Colditz Castle

Monday 29th July, 2019

Making the most of our lakeside pitches Dasvid woke up at an inhumane time while the rest of the campsite slept to go for a swim. In slow time the rest of us got up and prepared for departure.

To leave site we needed the electrics disconnecting and our meters read -this took a while but finally we set off to Czech out another country!

Our route into Czech Republic took us via Colditz Castle, a brief look around was a must. As I’d researched on Wikipedia I knew all about the Castle and it’s history so I provided a guide as we walked round. It was a very somber place but If I’m honest it looked easy to escape as all the windows were left open. The museum was good and the gift shop had some great souvenirs.

Our horrific experiences from previous years of queuing in service stations to buy Vignette toll stickers meant we knew better for this trip and ordered them online. Stickered up we entered Czech Republic heading for a campsite with a pool. With our intermittent aircon as we’re trying not to completely drain our batteries our cab reached 40°, the pool looked very appealing when we arrived.

Pulling up at the campsite it looked heaving and we weren’t surprised when the receptionist said he was full but he kindly agreed that we could stay in the carpark for the night and use all the facilities. Luckily the carpark also had hookup so plugged in we quickly cooled the van with aircon on full.

The campsite map had full English translation but we had no idea what ‘Maine Coon’ was, after investigations it turned out to be large cat breed who did not look very happy in their cages. I dared Lucy to stroke one through the bars but she valued her hand too much and we moved on to see the rabbits.

After a swim in the pool we enjoyed a very reasonable and nice meal in the restaurant, less than £80 for 5 meals including steaks and three rounds of drinks and desserts. The beers were cheaper than coca-cola but Lucy refused to join us.

Overnight Location: 50.05530°N 14.41336°E

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