Ghent, Belgium to Soest, Germany

Saturday 27th July, 2019

We’ve experienced a lot of weather in the van but the rain that fell overnight in Ghent was our heaviest ever, the noise it made on the roof would have woke even the heaviest sleeper. We’d be checking the solar panels in the morning!

Once the rain cleared a bright hot day began so we packed up, walked the dog and headed off towards Germany. Our route took us through Holland which I failed again to put on the tour T-shirt’s but as we didn’t stop it doesn’t matter.

An uneventful journey with lunch on the way saw us arrive at the Möhnesee in glorious sunshine and mega heat. The Motorhome area was right on the lake and very tight, unsurprisingly it was full 👎🏼 We drove around the VERY narrow rows and then had to do a thousand turn point to get out before disappointingly driving on to look for another aire. Three more vans pulled in as we were pulling out, it looked a very popular site.

From Möhnesee we drove a few miles to the town of Soest. The womobil aire is a tidy site with good parking, electric, toilets, shower and washing machine and only a short walk into town.

Soest is a typical German town with shops, sights and bars. We managed to gate crash a lovely wedding reception and Lucy with dogs had a paddle in the river.

Overnight Location: 51.57513°N 8.11556°E

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