Trier, Germany to Han-Sue-Lesse, Belgium (via Bouillon, Belgium)

12th April 2019

From Trier we headed to Bouillon, a small pretty town in Belgium near the French border.

The drive was very scenic, rural and interesting. All was good till we entered the very small town and truckman tried to turn us down a tiny cobbled closed road then down through a tunnel with no hight signs. I grabbed the map and navigated us round the town into our site.

The stopover is a nice spot on the edge of sports fields, along another river and a stone throw from a castle which is what everyone was here to see. As we drove in the town looked very touristy, with a noddy train in the centre and bars along the river but during our stroll round we began to feel like everything was closed, it felt very out of season. I did luckily find one open souvenir shop to purchase a plaque and shot glass.

The castle was impressive, we took the climb up to the entrance but opted not to go in so just stopped for photos then moved on.

Although the aire was nice and free after a few hours we decided we’d done everything and looked for somewhere else for our evening.

We set our truckman for Calais and began to drive while I looked for possible sites using campercontact and search for sites.

I found one nice looking stopover with reviews mentioning visiting the European Space station, we pulled into the great looking village to find the aire taped up and closed. Such a shame, on the drive out was passed the satalite dishes and what was the European Space visitors place, I’m not sure we missed much.

After a while looking we realised our route took us by Han-sur-lesse, we’ve been several times before but knew it was safe with things to do so we pulled in.

The aire was emptier then we predicted and we pitched up no trouble then took a walk round the village to sample a few Belgium beers. The last pub of the night saw us sat front row for karaoke, the DJ tried to encourage us but not even Lucy was brave enough. It was a great atmosphere and some of the Belgium singers were actually quite good.

Tomorrow will be Bruges followed by the Channel Tunnel, a well trodden and documented path by us, so no more Blog now until our big Summer Tour…

Daytime Stopover:–luxembourg-b/bouillon/10478/parking-bouillon

Overnight Location:–namur/han-sur-lesse/252/parking-mobilhomes

Live Tracker:

One comment

  1. Just recently found your blogs… them! So similar to our trips…, teenager daughter, beers and dictated by school holidays and did I say beers? 👍
    Bit of kayaking on the Wye this weekend for us……might be a beer in the evening too 🤔
    Great read…..looking forward to your next trip.


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