Rothenburg to Trier, Germany

11th April 2019

Change of plans for today, going off piste.

We’ve now turned around and have begun heading slowly back, we remembered we had a spare unplanned day so started looking for somewhere new. Rather than long drives we’ve all agreed 3 approx 100mile drive days would suit us all better and Trier fitted this plan perfect so we blasted off heading for Trier.

We’ve briefly visited Trier before luckily the aire was nicer than we remembered and the city proved as much fun. Trier is another river side stopover with a card system entrance, we found two pitches easily and decided to take the dogs with us for a stroll into town.

Very accommodatingly we found a lovely Mexican restaurant that allowed dogs inside and even served them homemade dog biscuits in a dish at the table. During our meal we realised it was cocktail happy hour, that was dessert sorted and even better on Thursday happy hour was 6pm till close. I offered to pick a cocktail for everyone and it was only after the waitress took my order and looked at me twice we realised I had ordered Neil a virgin cocktail, obviously non alcoholic, this became Lucy’s and Neil then ordered his own. I’m banned from ordering for everyone.

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