Dinkelsbühl to Rothenburg, Germany

10th April 2019

Day 6 of our tour would be as far as we would go before heading back. Enjoying Bavaria we picked another German town for tonight’s stop and left Dinkelsbühl to head to Rothenburg.

We decided to start the look out for a vet today and rather than just drive looking Neil found one on the map in an industrial area, these are normally better for parking than in a tiny village. So we navigated there only to find roadworks closing the road leading up to the vets.

Luckily our stopover for the night in Rothenburg was walkable to the vets so once parked up in the aire we took a stroll to the animal hospital. We would thoroughly recommend the vets in Rothenburg, all the staff spoke English and our passports were stamped and dogs sorted promptly and for only €27

Rothenburg is another walled German town with beautiful buildings, shops and plenty of restaurants. Lucy and myself took the high walled walk route into town while the others took the cobbled street below with the dogs. Dasvid initially came up the steep steps and promptly turned back down with Harry.

The shops became quite repetitive but Neil never bored of the Swiss Army knifes amongst many other types of knifes and weapons while I enjoyed buying tat souvenirs.

People watching in Rothenburg was as good as it gets. There were so many strange people in strange outfits and most of China were there taking photos. We stopped for a short break under the town clock to have a very German beer and Lucy sampled a pastry type cake that translated to a snowball, it was nothing like a snowball but she liked it. On the hour the clock sounded and windows opened to show models drinking beer, a great clock.

Our walk back to the vans was via supermarkados. Going on foot meant I could only buy what I could carry, this was probably wise and stopped me hoarding bottles of spirits no one would ever want to drink.

Overnight Location: https://www.campercontact.com/en/germany/bayern/rothenburg-ob-der-tauber/432/rothenburg-ob-der-tauber-p2

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