Sinsheim to Dinkelsbühl, Germany

9th April 2019

The Trip advisor number 1 thing to do in Sinsheim was a museum. We’re not normally keen on foreign museums or museums at all really but, with an impressive Concorde suspended in the air that you can actually get in we couldn’t resist.

So from the aire we drove 5 minutes to the museum where they had ample Motorhome spaces, it looked like some campers might have slept over night there but we found the town better.

The fun began in the car park as we left the van under an airplane. The first hall was full of cars, trains, tractors, bikes, tanks and more. You could spend hours walking round. I found a full size remote control tank and for €2 I got to drive it, everyone looked scared.

As we went into the airplane hall roof we spotted a flume slide out the side of a very high airplane. Lucy, Neil and myself quickly grabbed slide matts and headed up, coming down was a lot quicker! Getting in and out the planes in the air was a strange experience, it felt like they were moving. Essential to do it and fun while also making you feel sick.

Concorde and Concordski were the highlight of the trip. We went in and up to the cockpits taking a few photos on the way.

After the gift shop and a bit of lunch we left Sinsheim onto Dinkelsbühl. Only an hour and half away we took it steady and arrived mid afternoon.

The aire in Dinkelsbühl is a small carpark with electrics and services, they allow Motorhomes 24 hours for €6. A previous camper had left credit on one electric post so we plugged in for free as well.

A stones throw from the site was a supermarkado, a quick shopping trip saw me purchase a few crazy German prizes along with normal bread & milk type groceries.

Dinkelsbuhl is a beautiful traditional German town with loads of colourful houses and towers. We walked round the walls as we entered and sat down just in time under umbrella sombreros as thunder began. Initially the waiter said they had no room inside but as the rain got heavier we moved in, feeling sorry for us the owner kindly opened an entire top floor and we had a whole restaurant to ourselves. It did fill up as the evening went on. German beer and traditional German food followed, I’m still not sure what meat was in my snitzel but it was good.

Once the rain stopped we strolled back to the vans where the site had now filled up. A few other Brits had arrived and a few vans had crammed in perhaps where they shouldn’t but they weren’t hurting anyone.


Overnight Location:

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