Durbuy, Belgium to Sinsheim, Germany

8th April 2019

Today would mostly be spent driving, onwards to Germany via a quick stop in Luxembourg for cheap fuel.

As we serviced our vans to leave site our Chinese looking Belgium friend came to say goodbye and also to tell Neil off for accidentally leaving his waste water drain open, that’s probably put us on his banned list.

We literally pulled into Luxembourg for 10 minutes, this included filling up with fuel and putting air into Dasvid’s tyres then it was on to Germany. We didn’t need a border sign to tell us we were in Germany, the Audi’s, Porsche’s and Mercedes going over 100mph like rockets past us made it obvious.

We made it to Sinsheim late afternoon. The aire is a Womo Park site with full automated entrance and card system for electrics and toilet/ shower block. Very German organised and perfect for us. The site itself is at the entrance to a large outdoors swimming pool, splash park, it would be amazing in the summer.

After dinner in our vans and a few beers sat out in the sun we walked to the small town to have a look around. To be honest there’s not a lot to see in Sinsheim town but we are now right where we need to be for our museum trip in the morning.

Overnight Location: https://www.campercontact.com/en/germany/baden-wurttemberg/sinsheim/43832/womopark-sinsheim

One comment

  1. If you get the chance to visit go to Old Mainz There ( was) is an old shot tower there where you can actually see them making lead shot ( bullets) in the way it used to be done There is also a beautiful church that the ceiling looks as if it was painted by Michelangelo


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