Home to Bergues, France

Friday 5th April, 2019

Blast-off day for The Deal or No Deal Tour was very uneventful. For a change our van had no pre-holiday problems and our late tunnel crossing gave me all day to load up.

With all our Brexit plans in place including new European Driving Permits, Green Cards and extra dog passport docs we set off expecting a busy tunnel. To our surprise the tunnel was very quiet, they let us on an early crossing and we all looked forward to getting to site in time for a beer.

We had planned to stop at our usual stop in Bergues, but there was no room at the inn! So with my tour T-shirt ruined already by the first night we quickly found an alternative site, using the Search 4 Sites App, only a short drive away. The alternative stopover was a lucky lovely find, a woodland area with free motorhome parking and a small toilet block. After a few beers we had a very quiet night at Allée de la Ferme.

Overnight Location: https://www.searchforsites.co.uk/markerMobile.php?id=28618

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