Warsteiner Brewery to Cologne, Germany

Thursday 9th August, 2018

With slight hangovers (well mostly me as I suffer the most) we packed up, use the services and set off from Warstein going to Cologne.

The plan was to have lunch in Cologne and with all the German roadworks and then another car accident we were all starving arriving at site.

The Stellplatz is a busy little parking area on the river within walking distance of Cologne centre. A friendly German man greeted us and directed us into parking spaces only to ask us to move once we’d settled in. Paid up and electric connected we walked with the dogs to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We sat in the garden due to having dogs with us and grew increasingly worried by how dark and windy it was getting. Thankfully we managed to finish our lunch and walk hastily back to the vans before a thunderstorm hit.

Once the rain eased off we strolled the nice walk along the river into town. Traditional tourist activities followed, sightseeing, shopping and drinking. Although I had previously been to Cologne Hard Rock Cafe so didn’t need a keeper glass or pin we thought it would be rude not to have a cocktail anyway.

We went to the Cathedral and enjoyed a look around inside, as Lisa was wearing a strapy top she was handed a very fetching scarf as we entered to cover up. The stain glass windows and statues were amazing.

Along the river were bars, cafes and restaurants as far as you could see. We ended up enjoying a drink in a cafe type bar that sold beer in metres, it had to be done. Then we found a little Italian restaurant tucked away off the main strip. Over our meal we discussed where we could go the next day as now we had no plans. We all agreed Belgium sounded good so set Neil the task of finding a site.

Overnight Location: Cologne, Germany

Overnight Cost: €12

Overnight Coordinates: 50.96241°N 6.98597°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/GNFpjf

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