Göttingen to Warsteiner Brewery, Germany

Wednesday 8th August, 2018

The morning saw us successfully find a vet in Gottingen before heading off. This time we had to pay but it wasn’t bad at €30 for both dogs and now they are document ready to go home.

We headed to Warsteiner brewery to meet up with our friends Dasvid & Lisa. Our first McDonalds of the tour was necessary on route to line our stomachs ready for the brewery tour and the complimentary 2hour drinking session that follows.

The Germans are brilliant at roadworks and seems to be constantly repairing or building new roads. At one point on our trip our destination suddenly had a cross through it and the road closed with no warning. We endured a few miles of truckman trying to turn us around while I struggled with google maps but eventually we found a way back on to the motorway heading the right way.

We arrived in Warstein within twenty minutes of each other and parked up the in stellplatz. The parking is good, with big pitches and all required facilities. I had hoped to use the laundry but a group of travellers had taken over the room and I wasn’t going to risk touching their smalls.

We enjoyed a fun brewery tour, even though we’d been round before the cinema show followed by bus trip was good and the free beer was even better. 2 hours was certainly enough, by the end of our wristband time I was on the radler shandys.

In the middle of nowhere we had only one choice of restaurants for a meal and this was owned by the brewery, we walked in to be greeted by the tour leader who had earlier reprimanded me for ringing a bell in the brewery, I had told her it was Lucy but she didn’t believe me. A lovely meal ended a great day.

Overnight Location: Warsteiner Brewery, Germany

Overnight Cost: €15

Overnight Coordinates: 51.42594°N 8.35772°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/GNFpjf

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