Altenburg-Pahna to Göttingen, Germany

Tuesday 7th August, 2018

Luckily the campsite in Altenburg had a departure time of 3pm on day of departure so this meant we could leisurely wake up and enjoy a swim in the lake before packing up. I wish all sites would offer a PM checkout.

From Altenburg, a day ahead of schedule, we set off for Gottingen. The weather forecast had high temperature warnings alerts and this wasn’t wrong, today was the hottest day of the trip so far. Our cab hit 40° but thankfully with Neil’s clever idea to put insulating roll matts in all windows the rear of the van was ok, albeit it looks like a cave inside.

The lovely stellplatz in Gottingen was surprisingly quite empty when we arrived unlike the swimming pool complex next door. I have never seen so many people in one complex, we wondered whether it was a public holiday or if people had been given the day off due to the heat.

The outdoors pool was refreshing and the perfect way to cool down, while Neil and Lucy swam I enjoyed watching the diving. Some very good divers taking it very seriously were regularly upstaged by either tiny children or hysterical bombs or flops.

Having eaten out a lot during this trip tonight with space outside to sit out we opted to eat at the van, after having my cooker on for only 10mins I regretted it. My van became hotter than hell and we spent the next few hours trying to cool it down, the air conditioning unit earned its keep.

Whilst we sat out into the evening we watched many more motorhomes arrive to the now full stellplatz, if visiting Gottingen I advise arriving early.

Overnight Location: Göttingen, Germany

Overnight Cost: €9

Overnight Coordinates: 51.52128°N 9.93087°E

Live Tracker:

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