Wroclaw, Poland to Altenburg-Pahna, Germany

Monday 6th August, 2018

Today was our turn around day, to get back to Calais for our crossing in 6 days time we needed to start heading West. This for me wasn’t only bad as we’d be heading home but I was now on the sunny side of the cab – I’m sure the 40° that the thermostat was reading was wrong, it felt more like 100°.

Before we left Poland a necessary stop in a supermarket was required. It’s unbelievable how cheap Vodka is in Poland so a few bottles were purchased. We have also learnt that if you drink diet fizzy drinks be sure to bring your own, the Polish don’t drink diet pop. With the van stocked up and all our Zlotys spent we headed back into Germany.

Our stopover for the night was in Altenburg – Pahna. A large campsite on the edge of another lake. Very German registration took a while due to their thoroughness but once in it was enjoyable. Our pitch felt like we’d dumped our van in the middle of a field rather than parked it but we had ample space with electricity and even better we were a stone throw to the lake and bars.

The site had separate beaches with one designated for dogs. Neil and Lucy braved swimming with our crazy dogs and they all enjoyed it. The beach was dog heaven with dogs everywhere you looked from Great Danes to Chihuahuas all running in and out the water cooling off.

We spent the evening investigating to many restaurants and bars, these varied from trailers and sheds right up to pleasant restaurants. For a large campsite it was surprisingly quiet come lights out, perfect for a good nights sleep.

Overnight Location: Altenburg-Pahna, Germany

Overnight Cost: €32 (10am until 3pm the next day)

Overnight Coordinates: 51.04624°N 12.50088°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/GNFpjf

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