Jedovnice, Czech Republic to Wroclaw, Poland

Sunday 5th August, 2018

Today we moved on to the final new country of this tour and headed into Poland. Another country and another currency that we had zero of. We luckily found out we didn’t need any Czech koruna while there so didn’t stress too much and thankfully the campsite in Wroclaw accepted Euros.

The drive was long, Czech Republic don’t seem to have many motorways and we went through some pretty funny rural industrial areas that had roads with no markings at all. We apprehensively crossed many train tracks most with lights but no barriers and a few times thought we were on cycle tracks not roads.

As we entered Poland I found out our Go Box a toll system for the motorway but unfortunately ours was now flashing a red cross and beeping too many times. Trying the box for a third year was probably pushing our luck so to a service station we would have to go to top it up.

Our stopover in Wroclaw was nice, an Uber away from the City centre and felt like someone’s back garden but was pleasant and perfect for a trip to another Hard Rock Cafe.

We enjoyed a lovely evening in Wroclaw spotting their famous dwarfs. Sightseeing along with a bit of eating and drinking, what we do best. Lucy wasn’t that impressed with our restaurant as it felt like a sealife centre when they sat us next to the lobster tank, she was even less impressed when she realised people were eating them.

Overnight Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Overnight Cost: €28

Overnight Coordinates: 51.07505°N 17.08878°E

Live Tracker:

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