Bratislava, Slovakia to Jedovnice, Czech Republic

Saturday 4th August, 2018

Another hot day saw us enjoy more swimming, the kids hired a pedalo and Lucy enjoyed the last day of sibling company as the bigger kids would depart back to UK today.

We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed eating out, the pot luck of what you get has resulted in lots of laughs and odd menu options like bulls testicles, sparrow or goat’s horns were interesting. I’ve discovered all the Slovakian schnitzels taste like chicken no matter which you order.

After our farewells, leaving Ben & Betty with enough money to get to the airport we left site and headed to Czech Republic. A quick fill up with cheaper diesel was handy as at the entrance to our site was a huge Tesco Extra. Betty did inspect their dot com area to compare it to where she works part time at home.

We arrived at the planned stop in Czech Republic with mixed feelings, we’d read bad reviews but were not sure if to believe them. Previously we’ve been to bad review sites and found them to be absolutely fine but unfortunately this was not the case. The site looked great, Lucy loved the look of the swimming pool and slide complex along with the funfair and amusements. She was to be disappointed as the camping was carnage, a combination of Glastonbury and The Jungle at Calais.

After a brief look around we left in search for another stopover. The drive was interesting and very hot. At one point in a busy city we were thrown into roadworks and headed down a single track road with a 3.1m bridge ahead of us, as I shouted in fear due to our van being 3.1m Neil managed to take another route just in time- carnage and chaos narrowly avoided.

Our stop for the night ended up in Jedovnice on the edge of another lake. The site was good with bars, restaurants and facilities.

Overnight Location: Jedovnice, Czech Republic

Overnight Cost: €12

Overnight Coordinates: 49.33299°N 16.76487°E

Live Tracker:

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