Füssen, Germany to Lake Bled, Slovenia

Sunday 29th July – Tuesday 31st July, 2018

From Füssen we had a long drive to Lake Bled in Slovenia, so we set an alarm to get up early as, although we had a reservation at Bled, we wanted to arrive early afternoon. A quick get up and off saw us annoyingly queue for water, waste and Elsan for ages but we knew it was better to do it then rather than in the heat entering Bled camping.

Once sorted we hit the road, not long in and we started to yodel as mountains got closer and the roads got windy, the views were amazing. We’ll never know why but due to traffic our crossing of the Alps was bad, entering Austria we sat for nearly an hour in a traffic jam and lost another hour in a fuel station purchasing a Vignette (toll card) our early afternoon arriving in Bled was becoming early evening.

We did manage a quick Hard Rock Cafe stop in Innsbruck as we passed by.

More traffic followed as we re-entered Austria from Italy, due to a bad crash that caused us a further delay, but it was worth it once we saw the lake – As beautiful as we remembered and just as hot!

After parking up and a quick dog walk we thought it would be rude not to try the campsite restaurant. We enjoyed a lovely meal at a good price with the bonus of no washing up.

Day 2 in Bled saw us mostly relax and pretty much do the same as all the other tourists. We took a noddy train trip round the lake where Lucy spotted a toboggan track. Neil and Lucy brave the ski lift up and very steep fast toboggan ride down while I sat at the bottom in the shade. I think I caught a glimpse of them as they dashed by but my photography skills were too slow! They were both still smiling when they arrived back.

Day 3 in Bled was a water day, with the kayaks inflated we hit the lake and paddled to the island in the centre to take a look at the church. A bit of swimming followed to cool down then a slower paddle back to shore with the lovely breeze not really helping. I’m sure the island got further away while we were there.

We enjoyed a restful three days in Bled and it ticked all the boxes again, but three days anywhere is enough for us and we’re ready to move on – On to Slovakia…

Overnight Location: Bled Camping, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Overnight Cost: €50

Overnight Coordinates: 46.36134°N 14.07968°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/GNFpjf

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