Zweibrücken to Füssen, Germany

Saturday 28th July, 2018

Following a far more comfortable night we woke after 12 whole hours! Fully refreshed with a cool van we had breakfast and set off from Zweibrücken with some miles to be caught up to get back on plan.

Today was a cooler drive and the scenery began to look much more holiday-like as we drove on towards Austria. Innsbruck was the planned stopover but after a second look at the parking we realised there would be no hookup. Aircon has prove essential, especially with our dogs, so we had another change to the plans and headed to Fussen.

Fussen is a beautiful little town very near the real King Lugwigs castle – not the King Ludwig’s which is our favourite pub in Disneyland. The stellplatz is large with loads of facilities and shops right on the doorstep.

Once parked up we took the dogs for a walk to the lake for a swim. As we approached where Neil thought the lake was he mentioned it was odd we couldn’t see any water yet and as we got closer it became clear the lake was very dry. A large tour boat was moored up and obviously going nowhere.

We popped into a local bar for a drink and asked the barmaid what had happened, she confirmed it was a once in a lifetime event and the lake had had to be drained for the dam to be repaired. The whole experience was very strange.

We took a nice walk to the town in the evening, the town has a very fairytale Disney like feel to it. I even managed a bit of tat shopping to begin my souvenir buying.

Overnight Location: Füssen, Germany

Overnight Cost: €9

Overnight Coordinates: 47.58232°N 10.70084°E

Live Tracker:

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