Home to Bergues, France

Thursday 26th July, 2018

Mother Nature has kindly tried to acclimatised us all, including the dogs, as for a few weeks now it has been glorious sunshine and heat but loading the van in 30+ degrees was hard work.

With the dogs groomed short and a new air-conditioning unit installed we were ready for OBE 5, The Wurst Brats Tour. After booking our eldest two kids (21 & 19) flights to join us midway in Bratislava we decided to shift the trip by a day to give us more time to make it to Slovakia.

We had a smooth drive to the tunnel but had seen news stories on the way that the tunnel were experiencing problems, we hoped it was exaggerated but unfortunately it was not!

We queued for 2 hours to get off the M20 and then endured a miserable 5 hours in the terminal before we finally crossed at gone 3am. The delay was apparently due to the heat.

Bastogne was our planed stopover but as it neared dawn we were worried the van would get hot in daylight so we pulled into an aire we’re familiar with in Bergues to get some sleep. We were all asleep within minutes praying for no bread man at 6am.

Overnight Location: Bergues, France

Overnight Cost: Free

Overnight Coordinates: 50.96581°N 2.43586°E

Live Tracker: https://bluelane.io/GNFpjf

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