Bergues, France to Zweibrücken, Germany

Friday 27th July, 2018

Due to tunnel delays and finally stopping to sleep at gone 5am we thought we’d probably have a lay in this morning but no. As it heated up in our large unshaded, no hook up parking we were all wide awake and hot by 9am. The panting dogs were rocking the van so it was time to get moving.

About an hour into the drive I regretted laughing at the Channel Tunnel’s air conditioning malfunction caused by the heat as ours decided to turn itself off. At nearly 40° outside temp our inverter decided it had had enough and that it itself was too hot.

We soldiered on for a few hours first through Belgium with it’s awful pothole roads then via Luxembourg for cheaper fuel then into Germany where the terrible drivers make the ride scary, but fun until I could take no more.

Hot, beyond tired and in need of a Friday afternoon drink I decided to look for a stopover, Neil wanted to keep going to the planned stop but satnav was still showing 200+ miles to go and I had simply had enough.

Our camper-contact app came good and I found an amazing stelplatz in a town called Zweibrücken. The camping was spacious, our aircon was plugged in within seconds and we had all necessary facilities. It was the right decision to stop.

After a dog walk and meal out we were ready for bed by 10pm.

Overnight Location: Zweibrücken, Germany

Overnight Cost: €13

Overnight Coordinates: 49.25413°N 7.37668°E

Live Tracker:

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