Zittau to Göttingen, Germany

With another long drive ahead of us today we set off quite early, as we left the aire we entered the coordinates of where we were heading into the SatNav, truckman tomtom and she came up with a route that involved a closed road and an hour and 40 delay. I took charge and used a map to try to nav us round the closure and so the fun commenced.

My route took us briefly into Poland and then the Czech Republic on some lovely scenic roads. On we went through small towns, up mountains and down a few single track roads. In one larger town my chosen road suddenly stopped, it wasn’t even like it was closed it just hadn’t been built. An emergency turn on of the SatNav and she kindly routed us round the town and on into Germany back to fast motorways.

We arrived in our aire at Göttingen at about 4pm, the campercar parking was a nice area in a large swimming pool car park. Each bay was marked out and had electric, luckily the payment machine was out of order as we again did not have €9 in coins, to pay we had to venture into the swimming pool.

Once we’d paid and we’re all sorted we decided to make use of the nearby outside pool. Lucy had seen the flumes and diving boards and was keen to cool down. We spent an hour in the pool then popped to the nearby town.

Gottingen was much like any German town, very pretty with quite peculiar statues and amazing buildings. We had dinner in a very old fashioned restaurant who when it came to paying told us they only took cards from their local bank, very strange. We rummaged through our pockets and luckily found enough cash.

The night wouldn’t be complete without an Irish pub so we found the only Irish pub in the town and were quite surprised when before we ordered the waitress asked Lucy (who is 10) for ID then insisted on saying she would not serve her alcohol, looked like Lucy would be on cola!

In the corner of the pub a band had been setting up and completing their sound checks, we hung around for the beginning of their set but they didn’t get much better than the sound check so we left.
A quick walk back to the van and all was quiet at the aire although it was now full.

Overnight Location: Göttingen Swimming Pool Stellpatz, Germany

Overnight Cost: €9
Overnight Coordinates: 50.87192°N 6.02271°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/rm6NQf

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