Budapest, Hungary to Kraków, Poland (via Slovakia)

7 August 2017

Today we travelled from Budapest in Hungary through Slovakia, where they don’t seem to have any motorways, to Krakow in Poland.
On a map the drive didn’t look too far but with mountains in our way, no fast roads and our first stand still traffic jam along with several other roadwork jams we were driving for most of the day.
Whilst driving we like to play spotting games, we pick something different each day and today I picked Religious things. It could be places of worship, memorials, crosses, Jesus statues or even Buddhas any religion was fine. We saw quite a few, it was a busy game especially with all the memorials for crash victims on the windy narrow roads!
We pulled in for a lunch rest stop at the top of a mountain in a ski resort, the views were amazing. The dogs had a run about while we had lunch then it was off down the mountain on into Poland.

Once we entered Poland vehicles over 3.5t need Go boxes for tolls, we queued up last year and registered ours so a quick dig around in the glove box found it and luckily the batteries were still good, it was a relief to hear the machine beep as we passed under the first toll sensor. Although the roads in Poland were better than Slovakia on our approach to Krakow we hit a huge traffic jam, we sat stationary for about half and hour and then crawled for another as soon as we spotted a slip road we went turned off, rather be moving the wrong way than no way.
SatNav, truckman, Tomtom quickly rerouted us and we made it to our stopover before they closed, this had been a worry as our stop for the night was in a Motorhome show room and shop and reviews had mentioned the gate closing.
A nice Polish man greeted us on arrival and although he didn’t speak English, he showed us to a pitch, took our money and plugged us in, he was very friendly to our dogs until Dug tried to kiss him on the lips which did not impress him.
Once sorted we looked at the options into town. There was a bus stop right outside the site but as it was getting late we decided an under £4 Uber ride was the best option, why would anyone get a bus when it was sooo cheap in a taxi. The Uber driver dropped us to The Hard Rock Cafe which was heaving, we decided to purchased my glass and pin as quickly as possible and hit the town for some sights.

Krakow was lovely another definite recommendation, the old town is beautiful and the atmosphere great. The best thing was the price of the tat, souvenir shopping is a must.

We enjoyed a fun meal which was again cheap, it seems the further East you go the cheaper everything gets. Then we strolled round the city before Lucy made the decision we would be going on a Horse and carriage ride.

The horses were dressed beautifully and the rider was very helpful when persuading us to go but she didn’t speak once on the way round. Lucy giggled most of the trip and waved like the queen to everyone she laughed even more when people waved back. The horse trip took us around most of the city including the old town and Jewish region, the sights were amazing.

A quick Uber took us back to the van where it now felt like a fridge, I’ve never felt so cold at 18degrees, I think we’ve got used to the warm.
Overnight Location: Hymer Motorhome Showroom, Kraków, Poland
Overnight Cost: Zt 40
Overnight Coordinates: 50.03418°N 19.87658°E
Live Tracker:

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