Titisee to Inzell, Germany

2 August 2017

Today we would go our separate ways, the big girls flying home to Southampton from Munich and Dasvid n Lisa turn to drive home over a few days while we still have 11 of holiday to enjoy.

An early get up and go saw us serviced and off site by 9am, a long hot drive to Munich airport took up a good few hours. Every time we’ve driven the road to Munich it has been hotter than hell, it’s a shame you can do it in reverse so the sun is not on the front.

A quick McDonalds stop near Munich to ensure the girls were fed before their few hours in the airport was fun. We weren’t sure why all the Baern Munich fans were looking at us strangely but then we saw on the news that Liverpool had thrashed them the night before, perhaps that’s why they weren’t keen on Brits today.

We made the airport in good time and Neil’s foresight to email ahead was an excellent idea as we had email confirmation we could pull up and park in the bus parking as close to departures terminal as possible. I was in and girls deposited as far as I could take them and out again within ten minutes. After briefly waiting to check they got through security and had found their gate we hit the road.

With no set destination we headed East, we had a few possibilities marked on the map but nothing set in stone just an idea to see how we felt after a few more hours driving. We headed towards Konigsee, to take a look at Hitler’s Eagles nest and found an aire near by. It was obvious as we pulled into the aire it was full, a grumpy man was driving out shaking his head and making his arms into a cross, I thought this was a greeting ritual so did it back which seemed to make him grumpier!

We spun round and drove on, thank god we did. The next nearest aire in Inzell turned out perfect, a very lucky find. Right on the edge of a mountain we got a space in a campsite’s one night only area with electric and shade of an apple tree. We could use the full campsite facilities and were just a few minutes from a beautiful Alpine town.

Our walk to take a look round the town went through a park, we couldn’t believe our luck as the towns festival was in full swing, a beer/ music festival with stages, stalls and bars. We couldn’t get Lucy on the bucking bronko or join in the the kids art making but she did have a good time. We spent a few hours enjoying the live music, walking round a auto car show and watching the amazing line dancing before heading back to the van where it had nicely cooled down.

Overnight Location:  Camping Lindlbauer, Inzell, Germany

Overnight Cost: €19
Overnight Coordinates: 47.76760°N 12.75392°E
Live Tracker: https://track.gs/rm6NQf

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