Colmar, France to Titisee, Germany 

31 July & 1 August 2017
The morning began early in Colmar as Dasvid decided he should go to the Renault garage to try to get a new EGR valve, he wasn’t the only early bird as by 8am there was a huge queue of nut jobs waiting for the gate to open.
The legendary bread man arrived with a honk if you’re horny horn at 8:30am and he also attracted a massive queue, we didn’t bother joining it as our meal planner had us down as eggs with British toast.
We didn’t manage to have our breakfast before Dasvid n Lisa we’re back from the garage, although their van wasn’t fixed they had been told they could go on and then get it properly fixed once home. We blasted off from Colmar heading for Titisee.
We have visited Titisee twice before so to make a change we decided to try a campsite we hadn’t previously. Our camp for this trip was as close to the lake as you could get and it turned out a pretty much rule free site. When we arrived a lovely tattooed all over man in a hut told us to simply find a space and come back at 3pm to check in.

Spaces were tight and were left to the imagination but luckily we spotted a fence with a gap so with a bit of manoeuvring we fitted two vans in and made ourselves an area with the lake a stone throw away. The showers and toilets were great and we found another laundry. We went back at 3pm to see the tattooed man and he simply took our names and told us to see him when we decide to leave, very laid back.

We walked a whole lap of Titisee lake during the afternoon making a stop off in the town where we enjoyed shopping and drinking. Betty, Ellie and Lucy experienced the Titisee eye (ferris wheel) while I fended off wasps then we all purchased a souvenir or two.

The walk back from Titisee saw us have a drink in one of the other campsites, our lap of the lake became a pub crawl. As we left the site up a steep hill Betty decided to check if the electric fence really was electric, when she shot into the air we all realised it was- dopey kid 😂 she only cried a little.

Back at the vans as the sun set we cooked sausages on our BBQ, a perfect German dinner to end a great day.
Day two in Titisee became a wet day, swimming and kayaking in the glorious sunshine in the lake all day then a gigantic thunder storm with torrential rain in the evening. Even in the pouring rain it was hot, Neil’s air conditioning unit has been worth every penny and we’ve certainly had our money’s worth out of the kayaks over the years. The kids paddled round the lake for hours at one point I was sat very nervous as they all tipped out far away and I couldn’t see Lucy’s head for ages, even knowing she was wearing a life jacket I was a nervous wreck -beers were the only option to calm down. They all eventually paddled back with huge smiles on their faces oblivious to how nervous I had been.

With a thunder storm forecast we decided to book into the campsite boat house restaurant for dinner, a BBQ in rain would be no fun. It was a great decision, we bravely opted for traditional German or French dishes and were not disappointed. I had a farmers pot which consisted of cheese, pasta and potato with a whole load of veg, it was good. Neil went for a entrecôte with a crazy German sauce which he liked. Dasvid had the most interesting and ordered the wild pot, the waitress didn’t know if to laugh when I asked if he could smoke it. It turned out a wild boar hot pot type stew. Lisa went for Cordon Blue. All was great

From dinner we went to reception to ask if they could print the kids boarding passes for their flights home, this was chaos. Although the chap spoke English he had no idea what a boarding pass was and he was not keen on letting me touch his PC. After 20 mins or so telling him what to type in he eventually gave in and let me use the PC, two boarding passes successfully printed the big girls would be flying home tomorrow. Munich here we come.

Overnight Location: Titisee Weiherhof Campsite, Germany

Overnight Cost: €28

Overnight Coordinates: 47.89004°N 8.13387°E

Live Tracker:

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