Epernay to Lac d’Orient, France

28 July 2017

Friday funday saw us drive to a campsite where we would stay for the weekend. We decided to take the non toll route to save a bit of money and actually waste a bit of time as we could not arrive on site till 1pm and it was a short drive. Driving through villages and towns made the drive more interesting and fun.

Thankfully the weather has improved and as it warmed up Neil got to turn his newly fitted air conditioning unit on, happy man.

The campsite, Lac D’ Orient is on the edge of a lake with a lovely beach, perfect for a dip.

After a walk along the beach the kids went for a swim in the campsite pool while we had a quick drink in the pool bar, wasps were an issue for some of us and by the time we left the bar everyone knew I do not like wasps.

We enjoyed a BBQ at the vans and then popped back to the clubhouse for the disco, the one legged DJ was impressive but his music choice was rubbish.

Overnight Location: Lac d’Orient Camping, France

Overnight Cost: €50 (Way too much…)

Overnight Coordinates: 48.26203°N 4.34826°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/rm6NQf

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