Home to Base Nautique de la Frette, France

26 July 2017

Blast off day arrived catastrophe event free, for once our summer tour had no last minute van repairs or disasters.

This OBE (One Big European) Tour began with two vans, our van with two adults, two kids (Betty at 18 still counts as a kid!) and two dogs and Dasvid’s van with two adults and one kid.

Our rough plan is to hang out for a week in France and Germany then after 7 days we’ll drop two big kids at Munich airport to fly home while Dasvid n Lisa turn round to drive home. We will then blast further away to either Slovakia or Poland visiting Hungary and Slovenia and any other countries that get in the way.

We set off just after lunch and had a smooth drive to the tunnel, we arrived two hours early but even though it was not busy we departed on our booked 17:20 crossing. Fitted in a nice Burger King that wasn’t on the meal planner.

We arrived in France to rain but as it had been raining at home all day it was probably too much to wish that it would suddenly be holiday weather the other side of the channel! We headed south away from the rain and arrived in our aire at Tergnier at 21:00 local time, more like beer o’clock! Thankfully the rain had gone.

The aire was on the edge of a lake campsite that was full of kids, we think it was a summer camp. As we pulled in the motorhome parking was empty, it stayed that way all night, we were the only two motorhomes the whole stay.

The aire was new, big and tidy perfect for what we needed with electric hook up and services.

Overnight Location: Base Nautique de la Frette, France

Overnight Cost: €10

Overnight Coordinates: 49.65006°N 3.31050°E

Live Tracker: https://track.gs/rm6NQf

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