Andernach, Germany to Malmedy, Belgium

1 June 2017

A German supermarkado trip was required today along with a visit to the vets. Neil set off early with the dogs leaving the rest of us at site while he went in search for a vet, we did begin to worry after a few hours but he finally returned with stamped passports and happy dogs.

Servicing the vans before leaving Neil opted to leave our engine running as it has been a little temperamental starting after short on /offs, this obviously wasn’t the done thing as a crazy little irate German lady began shouting at us and shacking her fists. Neil shouted back as I crapped myself and hid in the back, I did chuckle when Neil yelled it’s caput in his best German accent.
The supermarket was great and we stocked up with loads of funny food, drinks and souvenirs. The Burger King in the car park proved too tempting so Whoopers and Royales were a must.

Today we ticked off the Missing part of our tour name but visiting the town where the TV series The Missing 2 was filmed. We found the square where Alice Webster stumbled back into the Christmas market having been missing for years and stopped for a drink or two sitting in the shade to keep cool.

We spent the evening drinking Bitburger from our own kegs at the vans, some people were better at pouring than others with often drinks requiring flakes. This aire was much quieter than the previous one but a group of Belgian vans did turn up late at near 11pm but there was still plenty of ro

Overnight Location: Malmedy, Belgium

Overnight Cost: €5

Overnight Coordinates: 50.42292°N 6.03046°E

Live Tracker:

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