Prümtal Camping to Bernkastel, Germany

30 May 2017

Closed roads and umletang (diversion) signs would be the story of today. Our short 40 mile drive saw us drive around in circles with me trying to navigate through a network of closed roads. Every single route we tried had signs with place names simply crossed out, big red crosses.

Eventually we found a route and drove along a very nice scenic road along side the Mosel. Today was more overcast but still warm we were surprised when we drove through a little village the temperature showing in the town hall was 36 degrees.

Arriving in the aire at Bernkastel we popped to the service area then set off looking for two pitches. Myself and Neil pulled into a pitch then stood in the pitch next to ours waiting for Dasvid n Lisa who were still at the service point. It was obvious what me and Neil were doing but a crazy German camper wanted the reserved pitch and clearly wanted to be next to me as he drove at us with no intention of stopping. No point in arguing we moved to the other side of the aire away from the ignorant rude German.

We spent the afternoon in Bernkastel shopping, sight seeing, eating and drinking. I managed to purchase some funny souvenirs including bone marrow dumplings and penis pasta, a successful afternoon.

We decided to eat out so walked a very tiny village near the aire. There were only two restaurants to chose from and quite unluckily for us the one we sat down first in only sold snack food, no main meals. A quick drink saw us leave and head for the second restaurant. Thankfully the very German hotel restaurant was good, a lovely English speaking owner gave us his only English menu to share and we all found something we liked. A great evening all round.

Overnight Location: Bernkastel, Germany

Overnight Cost: €13

Overnight Coordinates: 49.93270°N 7.06345°E

Live Tracker:

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