Bastogne, Belgium to Prümtal Camping, Germany

29 May 2017

As we left Bastogne we thought it appropriate to make a stop at the Band of Brothers Airborne 101 E (Easy) Company memorial and take a walk through the woods to see the foxholes that were still there 60+ years on. The whole place felt surreal and peaceful but the temperature was rising so we moved on.

At 40 degrees it was decided today needed to be a swimming pool day. My swimmers only make a few appearances during the year but even I was hot enough to strip down to swim wear today.

We headed from Belgium through Luxembourg, for cheap fuel onto Germany. After many windy rural roads we found a lovely campsite in a small town. With large pitches, electric hook up, bar, restaurant and swimming pool what more could we want.

Overnight Location: Prümtal Camping, Germany

Overnight Cost: €33

Overnight Coordinates: 49.95670°N 6.42397°E

Live Tracker:

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